Sheriff’s Office During Covid-19

Sheriff’s Office During Covid-19

The Campbell County Sheriff Office administrative locations are closed to walk in traffic and face to face service because of various building and office closures due to Covid-19. We are collaborating with all County offices to provide what services we can to the best of our abilities during this difficult time.

The Sheriff Office locations affected:     

  • Newport Main Office
    1098 Monmouth Street
    Newport, Kentucky 41071
  • Alexandria Office
    8330 West Main Street
    Alexandria, Kentucky 41001

Main Phone number: 859-292-3833

At this time, we are not performing many of our administrative services that require close contact with the public.

Paying your county taxes there are several options for you to use:

  1. Mail in the tax stub with a check for the correct amount enclosed
  2. Go online to:  follow the instructions to pay with a credit card (extra fees are access by the credit card service provided)


  • If you have received a notice that there is a paper that needs to be served on you, please call and coordinate with our staff to receive this paper.

Vehicle Inspections

To obtain an out-of-state vehicle inspection, please follow these instructions after you have arrived at our Newport Office at 1098 Monmouth Street:

1. You must have the following:

· $5 in Cash or Check.  (Sorry, we do not take credit cards for inspections)
· Your Vehicle Title  (If you do not have your title, or know where it is, call the number below and staff will assist you.)
· Your Drivers License

It is recommended that you have the above three items fixed under your windshield wiper on the drivers side before we come down, weather permitting.  If it is raining, bring the above items to the front foyer and a clerk will meet you at a distance to assist you.

2. When you arrive, remain at your vehicle and call our office at (859) 292-3833 and advise the that you are in the parking lot for a vehicle inspection.  Give a description of your car and general location in the parking lot.  Have you car turned on and the door open when the inspector comes out. 

3. Maintain an absolute minimum of 6 feet from the inspector at all times.


  • If you need to apply for a new or renew a CCDW license, please utilize the Kentucky State Police website to do so. If you need to pick up a permit, please call the office to see if arrangements can be made for you to receive the permit once it is delivered to our office.


  • Pre-employment fingerprinting is suspended.