Celebrating our Independence Day with all the good folks along the parade route in Fort Thomas

The Sheriff loves handing out goodies to the kids again. It’s good to be back from the pandemic.

Deputy Dave Garnick piloting the Sheriff’s electric car.

Deputy Les Caudill along the route.

Sheriff Jansen with a new friend, Carson, who loves law enforcement,

Carson Strong


It was very exciting to meet Carson, a huge supporter of law enforcement.

Carson has relocated to our area for care at Children’s Hospital as he fights brain cancer. So glad I got to meet you today Carson, and introduce you to to some of our deputies. He was having a great day today celebrating Independence Day with everyone in town. Keep fighting buddy!

Sheriff Jansen kneeling with Carson and Sergeant Jim McKenna and Deputy Dave Garnick

Farewell to a Great Employee and Friend


Hank Feldman Retired after 20+ years of service to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office

Hank Feldman decided to hang up his holster a few months ago, and today was his last day. After serving over 20 years as a Court Security Officer, Hank decided it was time to get out and enjoy retirement. Hank started out working in Circuit Court and then in his latter years he was an icon in the court room with Judge Greg Popovich and then continued on with Judge Karen Thomas in District Court. He was an instrumental part of working with Northern Kentucky University and the Teen Court in Campbell County.

We wish Hank all the best in his retirement.

Left: Chief Deputy Ken Fecher represents Sheriff Jansen who was out of town and presents him with an engraved crystal award for his service.
Right: Judge Karen Thomas presents Hank with a gift from District Court.

Left: KY State Senator Wil Shroder presents Hank with a State Proclamation.
Right: Hank’s “second family” from NKU presents him with a farewell gift.



Yet again there is a telephone scam happening in Campbell County. This one is particularly unique as not only are they spoofing our office telephone number on caller I.D., but they are using the actual name of one of our Sergeants.

ALWAYS KNOW, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, The IRS, The F.B.I. and so many other governmental entities will not call you on the phone for payment of a fine or to collect money to settle any issue. Scammers have gotten quite skilled at spoofing a caller I.D. with other’s real numbers. Now they are researching to find real employees names to use. When they call you, tell the caller that you will hang up and call the Sheriff’s Office yourself to settle the issue.

Special Thanks To Everyone Who Helped With The Farmers To Families Food Box Program


Wednesday, May 26th was a great day for the food box program through the Department of Agriculture’s Farmers to Families Program. We want to thank all those who came out and helped distribute boxes with us.
This was the last food distribution of the season due to the Department of Agriculture reorganizing many of their operational budget. We will put out notice and information if they start the program again.

CCSO Alexandria Office Move and Upgrade


Stop out and see the newly completed Alexandria Office of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. We are in the same entry as always, but we have remodeled the space formerly occupied by the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. This facility is bigger, has a handicapped service window, all modernized with all new computers and a video information screen amongst other improvements.

Police Memorial Ceremony


I would like to thank everyone from all the agencies and public that attended the Northern Kentucky Police Memorial ceremony in Covington Wednesday, May 12, 2021

~ Mike Jansen, Sheriff

Sheriff Mike Jansen (left) with Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn of Kenton County