How To Look Up Your Tax Bill On Line

You can look up your tax bill via our tax collection software website by Software Management LLC.


If you print your bill from the provided website, the amount due is the amount you pay if the payment is postmarked or paid in person by the end of that month.  In November, the discount is applied.  If you print the bill in November, but wait to pay it until December, you must pay the December amount as the discount period requires that bill to be received or postmarked by the end of November.  Incorrect amounts will result in the bill be returned to you.

postmarked-mailNOTE: Postmarked means that the U.S. Post Office has cleared and marked the bill as received by them.  Metered dates do not qualify.  Metered dates are simply the day the stamp / postage was applied to the payment.

us-mailMailing Alert:  When mailing your bill to us, use the envelope that we sent with the bill, or a plain envelope with no markings on the front other than the Sheriff’s Office address.  Reusing other envelopes from another company, for example a Duke Energy envelope, will result in the Post Office reading the bar code on the envelope and your payment with go to that company and not the Sheriff.

911 Service Fee:  The “911 Service Fee” that is included on all Campbell County ad valorem tax bills does not constitute a lien upon the real property.  This fee is only a personal obligation of the property owner.  Non-payment of the 911 Fee is a Class A Misdemeanor.  The 911 Fee is included with this bill for your convenience.

Understanding the above, Follow this link to look up your bill: